domingo, novembro 19, 2006

Para a Plataforma da Vida II...

Why call it choice?

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Sherry Jones escreveu um poema e partilhou-o com os seus amigos ea família. O poema era uma expressão das suas angústias depois de descobrir que estava grávida. Um dia deu-o a ler a David Bendrixi que o musicou.

Pink or Blue?

My child, I'm only seventeen,
I don't know what to do.
I hope that you will understand
Why I can't keep you.
You see I'm not married,
And you were a mistake.
You were conceived in the
back of a car
While on a blind date.
Your father's not much older,
And we are both in school.
I don't feel that I should pay
Because we both were fools.
My child, I don't have a job,
And neither does your dad;
But just thinking about abortion
Really makes me sad.
They say you're not really a child,
That you are just a mass,
That I should abort you,
And all these feelings will pass.
My child tell me are you real?
Child tell me what to do.
If I decide to keep you,
Would you wear pink or blue?
Would I get to hold you,
Would I see your smiling face?
Child, what would you do
If you were in my place?
Mom, I'm not in your place,
I can't tell you what to do.
But you've asked me some questions,
So I will answer you:
Yes Mom I'm really real
Though I did not ask to be,
Now it seems the question is,
What will do with me?
I pray I'll get to know you,
And you'll hold me in your arms;
You'll tuck me into bed at night
And protect me from harm.
We'll play ring around the roses
And hide and seek too.
Mom, don't you understand,
I'm just as real as you.
I'm all soft and cuddly,
And I have rosy cheeks.
But I can't tell you what to do,
It's God's wisdom you must seek.
You see Mom I'm not a mass,
No matter what they think.
And just in case you're wondering,
I'd be wearing pink.

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Uma canção escrita por Marie Morrison que, com Russell Thompson, a canta com emoção. A canção introduz-nos à esperançosa criança por nascer. "Deliver Me", o ultimo pedido, ajuda a dar voz aos bebés por nascer.

I can’t talk, I can’t cry, will you please speak for me?
I want a chance to live my life. Will you deliver me?
It’s my life it’s not yours. Don’t believe the lies.
Who can judge what my life will be?
I just want a chance to see…
Will I be rich, will I be famous, or just a simple man?
Will I comfort those in need? To know this I will plead…

Keep me safe, keep me warm Protect me from the storm
Let me live, I want to live I beg you to choose life

Reject the truth, believe the lies and give away my peace.
I tell myself I’m doing right, why is it I can’t sleep?
But life is bigger than, this dark place that I am.
Could it be God has a master plan?
Can He work this all for good?
Help me have faith to know God’s coming to deliver me.
To trust that He is near, the future not to fear. And I know that
God planned my life before time
Worth all the riches of the world
One precious life.
With my destiny before me,
My life is crying out
Will you fight for me?
My life is crying out
My life is crying out


As I cry for help
God will rescue me…
And my life will be Keep me
Precious in His sight…
Safe, keep me warm Protect me from the storm
Will you hear my cry…
Let me live, I want to live, I beg you to choose life. Keep me
Will you rescue me…
Safe, keep me warm Protect me from the storm
Let me live, I want to live, I beg you to choose life
Help me… Deliver me…

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